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Kavida's Secret - young feeling vagina

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"Kavida sold me her "secret" a few months ago and it has been every bit as wonderful as described. For years I have had intermittent thrush which usually flares up when I am stressed out or have had a love trauma. I have tried many things over the years to heal it, but always had to resort to drugs in the end. The last time the symptoms showed, I used the little stick and it completely healed the thrush painlessly and easily. What is more, a few days later the whole vaginal lining shed and I am left with a virginal vagina! What a bonus!! This is truly a tool for women who want to care for their body naturally and consciously."

Dr. A.H. - Surrey

“Using the wand has brought me a lot of pleasure as I can now feel every centimetre of the inside of my vagina tingle and move. After about three applications there was a small 'corny' release, about the size of my thumb pad... I also noticed that my vagina became more 'toned' immediately and my outer lips which had been quite large, contracted and are now tighter, smaller and more sensitive. I now use the wand whenever I want to be totally in touch with my sensual body and enjoy the sensation of a truly alive vagina."

D.G. - London

In my own, personal research I have also found it makes the most wonderful face-pack too!


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Kavida's Secret

Kavida's Secret Ceres

Kavida's Secret - what every woman has wished for...

Dear Customers,

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has decided that Secret Ceres does not qualify as a cosmetic product or herbal remedy in the UK. Therefore we are prohibited from advertising, marketing and selling it. The company is currently looking into the process of registering Secret Ceres as a licensed herbal medicine.

We appreciate your interest in Secret Ceres and will keep you updated as to further developments.

Love  Kavida x

If you would like to talk to Kavida for more information, call: 01923 261513 

or email to: kavida@kavidarei.com

Kavida's Secret

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Kavida's Secret