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Get juicy with Kavida

See you there!!

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Kavida's legendary Sensual Soirees are world famous now - click on the banner to find out how you can come!

Tantra Parties with Kavida & Roland  Sensual Soirees (tm)

Meet Kavida and Roland in The Tantra Temple at GIVE! Festival
where we will
giving Tantra Massage and generally holding court
6th-8th July

We will be appearing again with The Tantra Temple at Whirlyfayre Festival
20th-22nd July

Both of these events feature The Tantra Temple tent
An exotic moveable feast for the senses, body and soul.
We are able to create an atmosphere of tantra and our legendary Sensual Soirees
at festivals and private parties for your pleasure!
Contact us for details

In September Kavida and Roland will be staying at the famous free love community of Tamera
in conjunction with Deborah Anapol, author of "Love without Limits".
We will be researching the best ways to create and maintain our very own love communities
and base them around a Sensual Spa.
If you would like to get involved then get in touch!

After our summer adventures we will be starting the 2012/2013 season of Sensual Soirees
so if you would like to join us for the ultimate in tantric events and get together celebrations
of open love, togetherness, and sheer fun, music, massage, spiritual journey and
the wonderful raw chocolate dessert games, then be sure to
book a session with us now to be eligable to come.
Click here for details!

Kavida and Roland always love hooking up with you beautiful people
- the more of us in the one-love space, the better the world becomes -
We love you xx